Personalized 1.0L Beer Mug/Bierkrug

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+++Please note that in some cases, these mugs can take up to 4 weeks to be made and shipped since I customize them by hand.+++

Enjoy a cold beer in this original Bavarian glass beer mug (Bierkrug)! This is what we drink out of at Munich Oktoberfest, beer gardens, and traditional Bavarian restaurants. To make this mug unique from the millions of other glass beer mugs out there, I created a design that is a mix of the "Feli from Germany" logo and features of a typical beer brewery label.

And to make it even more unique, this is a personalized version of the beer mug - made by me! With a dishwasher safe glass pen, I will write a few important notes on your mug - some Bavarian beer drinking wisdoms from one beer drinker to another! :)

Let me know in the comment field, what name (if any) I should write on the mug. (I promise to make the handwriting look nicer than in the picture too! 😅)

The phrases are going to be:

1. Prost, [name]! (Cheers!)

2. Don't drink the Noagal! (Noagal = Bavarian word for the last sip of beer)

3. Oans, zwoa, drei, g'suffa! (Bavarian toast that means "one, two, three, drink")

4. My signature. If you want me to alter/exchange those sentences for your mug, you can add that to the comment field! :)

I hope the beer mugs will bring some authentic, Bavarian flair to wherever you live. :)


The Beer Mugs are shipped from the USA. Therefore, additional customs fees may apply when importing into other countries (e.g. Germany). 

Measurements 1.0-liter mug
Diameter Bottom: 4 1/4"
Diameter Handle: 5 1/8"
Diameter Top: 3 7/8"
Item Height: 8"
OZ Capacity: 33.8